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Acadian Medical Alert Systems

  Winnie Thomas

Acadian Medical Alert Systems

Acadian On Call has been around since 1991, originally as an ambulance service. The company then grew into a developed medical alert service company that boasts its experience to the medical production community. The company offers three basic plans to its customers with exceptional equipment and okay prices in the hope that consumers will choose them to be their medical alert protection.

Plans and Prices of Acadian On Call

Key features that all of the plans below include are water-resistant pendants, the ability to add fall detection to any plan for an extra cost, ($9.95) the ability to use a wristband instead of a pendant for an extra cost, ($5) and all plans have at least a 60-hour backup battery.

Traditional In-Home Medical Alert

An in-home system with a landline connection; Comes with a pendant or wristband, a base unit with a two-way communication speaker, and an 80-hour backup battery, plus, the range that the emergency button can be pushed from the base unit is 600-1000 feet.

Costs: Without any of the features that cost money, the plan is $29.95 per month with no activation fees

Medical Alert Plus+

Another in-home medical alert system but has a cellular connection; Comes with the same aspects as the Traditional In-Home system but has a backup battery of at least 60 hours and the range that the button can be pushed from the base unit is 600 feet or more. Cost: Without any features that cost extra, the plan is $29.95 per month with no activation fees

Mobile Medical Alert

A mobile system that has a cellular connection; Comes with a base unit for at-home safety and a mobile device with GPS for away from home protection, also has a pendant or wristband button option. The mobile device has built-in two-way communication like the base unit for when the button is pushed and can have added on fall detection. The range the button needs to be from the mobile device and/or base unit is not specified.

Cost: With no added features the plan is $39.95 per month with no activation fees

Final Thoughts

Overall, this company could be used for any seniors who are looking for a medical alert system, but it does have its issues. The non-specified range or backup battery on the mobile system could be problematic as well as the unnecessarily priced wristbands for all of the plans. Many other medical alert system companies don’t have either of these aspects and could be reasons to turn clients away from this brand, but if consumers are okay with these features, then this company could be just enough protection for the seniors they are trying to keep safe.

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