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Denver, CO, based Revolar, a leader in the personal safety device industry, was founded on the principle of keeping people safe by enabling users to reach out to friends and well wishers using discreet technology at pivotal moments. The Revolar device is a handy companion that lets users alert their friends and family about their whereabouts with its 1-2-3 click alert system. It integrates GPS location via both text and email using its patented technology.

The Revolar Mission

Revolar mission statement, ‘Everyone deserves to feel safe’, reiterates its commitment to personal safety. As part of its vision to create a safer and more inclusive world, it leverages discreet technology, empathy and community to create and strengthen connections.

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Why the Elderly Need This

This is especially of use for the elderly who tend to be more prone to diseases and maybe living alone. In case of an emergency, they have no means of reaching out to their family or friends.

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A study shows that in the US, of the 46 million community-dwelling older adults, nearly 29% live alone, nearly 50% of those living alone are aged above 85 years, nearly 70% are women and 46% of those are older than 75 years. A majority of them tend to be poor and suffer from health problems or sensory deficits. Some find following a medical regimen difficult to follow. They may also be undernourished due to the inability to prepare for themselves balanced meals, which can further fuel medical emergencies. Ironically, 90% of this population prefers to live alone and remain independent.

In such a scenario, it is natural for family and friends to be concerned about their safety be it in the form of a medical emergency or due to crimes against them. Some diseases like Parkinson’s can be progressively debilitating. Elderly people suffering from it need immediate access to their care providers and family while maintaining their independence and dignity.

With a wearable safety device like the one from Revolar, the elderly can keep their families informed about their safety and whereabouts using a Check-In feature. With two clicks of the emergency button, a Yellow Alert is activated in case of situations that make them uncomfortable or scared. While alerting the person’s location to specific contacts, it also triggers the ‘Ring Me’ feature and dials the user’s phone to help them escape the uncomfortable situation. With three clicks of the Bluetooth panic button, a red alert is activated. It helps share the GPS location with the contacts and mobilize help.

All these features are free in this personal safety device. The option to purchase a 24/7 Emergency Response Service also makes it a handy device for ensuring the safety and protection of the elderly.


Revolar personal alarm for the elderly comes in two models: Classic and Instinct

One of the greatest advantages of these handy devices is that they can be carried anywhere by simply clipping them on to the clothes, in the key bunch or even wearing them as a necklace. The Bluetooth panic buttons work with the Smartphone, because of which it can be used even when the person is outside. 

The second advantage is that the app comes free of cost, unlike other alert devices that have a subscription plan that can cost as much as $30 a month. Except for the cost of a text message and the data, you do not have to pay for anything other than the device.

Revolar Classic

This small button device that provides a check-in, yellow and red alert features needs no charging and the battery lasts a year, after which you can simply replace the battery.

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The fact that it is IP68 waterproof, drop-proof and that you can cancel alerts anytime makes it really convenient. A 45-day return policy along with a one-year limited warranty also makes it appealing.

Revolar Instinct

At 1.1”, this is a truly discreet device and has additional features such as ‘Find My Revolar’ and ‘Ring Me’, so apt in a personal alarm for the elderly.

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Some of the reasons this Bluetooth panic button is really cool is that unlike dialing 911 or trying to open a safety app that can take up to 15 seconds, which can prove costly in an emergency, a Revolar Instinct or Classic lets you communicate the emergency by just a click of the button. 

The tiered safety feature grades the risk, thereby letting the support group respond accordingly. If it is not a grave danger, then just the ‘I am safe’ feature lets the contacts be reassured. In case of discomfort or apprehension, the yellow-alert self-ringing feature lets the elderly get out with a genuine excuse as their smartphone alerts them of an incoming call. In the case of a real emergency, the red alert lets the contacts know where the elderly is and reach him or her quickly.

That the safety device does not have to be gauche or embarrassing, it has been designed to look stylish and can be clipped on or worn as per the comfort of the user. It comes with two hoops to let it be clipped onto the dress or handbag, or looped into a keychain.

This is also waterproof, drop-proof and the battery can be replaced once it is discharged.


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There can be no cost too high for safety. But the good news is that both Revolar Classic and Instinct are very much affordable at sub-$100 prices. Classic is priced at $34.99 and Instinct is $79.99. 

Instinct also comes with a chirp feature that makes it easy to find it in case it is misplaced. Silent vibrations alert the user of any alerts.

The Revolar App

The free app can be downloaded to a variety of smartphones including the iPhone 5 or newer models that operate iOS 9.0 or later OS. You can also use it with Android smartphones from Samsung, LG, Google and Huawei, provided the OS is Android 5.0 or higher.


The Revolar devices, Classic and Instinct, are small and can be easily carried on the person. They can be clipped on to the dress or the handbag, or looped to a keychain, or even worn as a necklace. They have a three-tiered safety alert feature to indicate the level of emergency. They do not need training for using it, as all the user needs to do is press a button. Being linked to the smartphone, it can be used anywhere where there is Wi-Fi or data connection. It allows adding up to five contacts who can be alerted in case of emergencies, thus keeping the elderly connected to their family, friends and caregivers. No charging and no chargers make it hassle-free.

Overall, this is a device the elderly must have with them. It provides them with the assurance that they are just a button-click away from their loved ones and caregivers in case of an emergency. This way they can maintain their independence that they cherish so much while still being cared for. With no monthly subscription for the app, it truly takes care of the elderly and is a must have.

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