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  • Since 1974, LifeCall is an American company with a long history of providing excellent monitoring services and efficient emergency alert systems to health care facilities catering to the elderly and individuals for use both indoors and on the go all over the United States.


ADT Health
  • ADT Medical Alert is among the leading service provider of Mobile-Personal Emergency Response Systems (MPERS) technology in the U.S. ADT Medical Alerts provides efficient and reliable Medical Alarm System Monitoring that provides help quickly and efficiently when you need it.


  • MobileHelp offers its users high-quality and affordable medical alert solutions for your protection that gives you complete peace of mind while you’re at home or away.

ADT Medical Alerts Review

ADT Medical Alerts provides efficient and reliable Medical Alarm System Monitoring that provides help quickly and efficiently when you need it.

According to the CDC, 1 out of 3 people of 65 years or more suffer a fall every year. A fall can be dangerous, even fatal if you don’t get timely help. It is extremely important to have the freedom to live your life on your own terms and feel safe even when you’re alone at home. And, this is where a medical alert system can be of great help. In the event of an emergency, just a push of a button will alert response personnel, who will work to ensure that you get help very quickly. And, the member will stay with you until help arrives.

ADT Medical Alerts think everyone deserves to feel safe. For 145 years, that’s been at the heart of ADT. And it guides everything ADT does for their customers.


For more than 145 years, ADT (American District Telegraph) has been in the security business and is the largest security company, offering dedicated personal security and also ensuring the security of your home and business. ADT offers security packages that can help to protect your home as you want and in your budget. Whether you simply want a basic system or a hi-tech one, ADT can customize a system that will safeguard your home.

ADT (American District Telegraph) History

ADT offers various products related to home automation, video monitoring, emergency alarms (CO detectors, smoke detectors and flood sensors) and medical alert systems. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, ADT has over 18,000 employees in more than 200 locations across the United States and Canada to ensure that their 7 million customers are safe and secure.

ADT started its medical alert monitoring service called Senior Health and Safety in 2004, which offers medical alert systems to fit your lifestyle. And, now with the ADT medical alert system, you can be protected whether you are at home or anywhere you go. By adding fall detection to your medical alert system, you can get help in the case of an emergency, even if you are unable to push the help button.

Today, ADT offers 3 different medical alert systems, each having a base unit and a corresponding wearable device serving different levels of needs of seniors. The Medical Alert Basic System is the most basic system which offers a small coverage and you can move around up to 300 feet from the base unit. This is suitable for seniors who remain at home most of the time and do not require protection from falls. The Medical Alert Plus System is the next level system that removes the need for a landline phone and the service area is extended to a range of around 600 feet, including the area just outside your home.

And, if you want a medical alert system that will allow you to be active, you can consider the On-The-Go Medical Alert System which makes of a cellular network to offer the service when you are on the move. When users press the emergency help button, you will be connected to the ADT call center, which is based in the U.S. and is owned and run by ADT. The response professional determines whether to contact one of your pre-designated contacts or emergency responders for help.

How Do the ADT Medical Alarm Systems Work?

Your ADT personal medical alarm system can help to keep your or your loved one safe and secure at any time of the day or night. ADT’s health emergency response monitoring centers are company owned and operated and are US based.

  • When ADT gets an alarm signal from your medical alert system, you can rely on their monitoring professionals to respond to you quickly and also inform the suitable response agency.
  • When you press the help button, an emergency alert is sent to the ADT Response Center and fall detection pendants can send an alarm automatically in case you suffer a fall.
  • ADT’s monitoring professionals are sensitivity trained and will communicate with you via the 2-way voice system and get you the help you require quickly.
  • ADT’s response professionals are highly trained and alert your loved ones, caregivers or emergency responders, according to your preference.

Benefits of the ADT Medical Alert System

The ADT Medical Alert System is an excellent system for seniors that enables them to live independently and stay comfortably and safely in their own homes. The ADT Medical Alert System offers several benefits such as:

  • Quick Response: Just by pressing the help button, you will be connected to ADT’s senior-sensitivity-trained emergency response professional who will contact and alert your family and also the emergency personnel as required depending on the situation.
  • Highly-Trained Monitoring Professionals: ADT’s monitoring professionals are senior-sensitivity-trained and can efficiently cater to the needs of the elderly or people with health problems.
  • Flexible Payment Options: ADT offers its members flexible upfront payment options and there is no need to enter into any long-term contracts or fixed-term agreements. The price for the medical alert service will not change and will remain the same forever. ADT offers monthly, quarterly and annual payment options.
  • High-Quality Equipment: The medical alert wristband and pendant are 100% waterproof and can be worn in your bathtub or shower. The ADT Basic, as well as the Plus base stations, feature a light that turns on once every 30 days as a reminder for you to test if your medical alert unit is working properly. The unit displays the status light and signal strength and is easy to read.
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring: ADT offers 24×7 monitoring and response via its US-based response centers and you can have complete peace of mind knowing that there are thousands of ADT employees who are always ready to assist you in the case of an emergency.

Medical Alert Basic System

If you want a simple medical alert system for your home, then the Medical Alert Basic is an ideal in-home medical alert system that enables you to maintain your independence at home. The Medical Alert Basic consists of a basic base unit that offers 2-way communication and a 100% waterproof wristband or pendant that has a personal help button, which must be worn at all times. The base unit works on your home phone landline.

The personal help button connects to the base station wirelessly and offers 2-way communication to the ADT emergency response personnel who are available 24×7, all the days of the year and even on holidays to assist you to ensure that you receive help quickly in the event of any emergency. You can communicate with the representative via the base unit but cannot do so via the wearable device. The unit has a coverage range of around 300 feet and the Medical Alert Basic also offers temperature monitoring.


  • Works inside your home
  • Requires a traditional landline to work
  • Range: 300 feet from the base unit
  • Includes home temperature monitoring


  • Works as an intercom if you need to be connected to the ADT call center.
  • Offers the home temperature monitoring function.
  • Works with your phone landline.


  • Works only inside your home and cannot be used even around your home.
  • The range is quite limited.
  • Does not offer fall detection.

Medical Alert Plus System

This is a cellular medical alert system that works just like the Medical Alert Basic system with a base unit and a wearable device; however, it works on the cellular network instead of your home landline. The system offers an extended range that keeps you safe and secure when you’re working or relaxing in your garden or backyard.

The Medical Alert Plus offers 2x the coverage range (up to 600 feet) compared to the Basic system, which enables you to step out of your home with peace of mind and the confidence of knowing that you’re completely safe. The cellular connection of the system removes the hassles of the requirement of a standard landline. You also have the option of adding a fall detection pendant at an additional cost. Overall, the ADT Medical Alert Plus is an excellent system that offers the protection you need to keep you mobile in and around your home.


  • Wireless system
  • Does not require a landline
  • Coverage: Inside and outside your home
  • Includes home temperature monitoring.
  • Personal help button
  • Fall detection (optional)


  • Offers twice the range compared to the Basic system.
  • Can be used both inside as well as outside your home.
  • Has home temperature monitoring feature.


  • No automatic testing. You need to test it yourself.
  • No activity monitoring.

On-The-Go Medical Alert System

ADT’s On-The-Go Emergency Response System is designed to offer complete peace of mind when you’re away from home. The system comes with a mobile device (about the size of a cell phone), a charging cradle and a pendant. The mobile device features an emergency button and a 2-way communication and to use the help button, you must be within a range of 100 feet of the mobile device.

The simple medical alert unit is portable and has inbuilt GPS technology that can help to track your location in the event of an emergency. However, the On-The-Go system does not have temperature monitoring. Overall, the On-The-Go Medical Alert system allows you to enjoy your life with complete freedom without the fear of being isolated and that you will not be able to get help when you need it.


  • Portable mobile medical alert device
  • Does not require a landline
  • Wireless connection
  • 2-way talk
  • GPS technology
  • Fall detection (optional)


  • 2-way talk, does not require a landline.
  • GPS technology helps to track your location accurately.


  • The range from the base to the button is very limited.
  • No 2-way communication.


All ADT base units include a free wristband or pendant, 2-way talk with the ADT Response team via the base, free battery replacement, Foreverate, which ensures that your price will not change ever, next day shipping and no long-term contracts.

Medical Alert Basic System

  • Monitoring Charge (Per Month): $29.99
  • Suitable For: In-home use
  • Range: Up to 300 ft. (Button from Base)
  • Connection: Traditional landline
  • Home Temperature Monitoring
  • Cost of Waterproof Wristband (black or white): $14.99
  • Cost of Waterproof Pendant (white): $14.99
  • Free ADT Lockbox on the annual plan
  • Starts at $29.99 per month

Medical Alert Plus System

  • Monitoring Charge (Per Month): $37.99
  • Suitable For: Home & Yard
  • Range: Up to 600 ft. (Button from Base)
  • Connection: Wireless (Does not require a landline or WiFi)
  • Home Temperature Monitoring
  • Fall detection (optional)
  • Cost of Waterproof Wristband (black or white): $14.99
  • Cost of Waterproof Pendant (white): $14.99
  • Cost of Waterproof Fall Detection Pendant: $24.99
  • Free ADT Wall Mount Button
  • Free ADT Lockbox on the annual plan
  • Starts at $37.99 per month

On-The-Go Medical Alert System

  • Monitoring Charge (Per Month): $39.99
  • Suitable For: Home & Within the cellular coverage area of the AT&T U.S. cellular network
  • Range: Up to 100 ft. (Button from Base)
  • Connection: Mobile with GPS (Does not require a landline or WiFi)
  • Fall detection (optional)
  • Cost of Waterproof Wristband (black or white): $14.99
  • Cost of Waterproof Pendant (white): $14.99
  • Cost of Waterproof Fall Detection Pendant: $24.99
  • Free ADT Lockbox on the annual plan
  • Starts at $39.99 per month

Waterproof Wall Mount Button

The Wall Mount Button is an additional device that can be added to the Medical Alert Plus and Medical Alert On-The-Go Systems. Give yourself additional peace of mind by placing a Wall Mount Button on your bedside table and/or in your bathroom(s).

  • Available with the Medical Alert Plus and On-the-Go systems.

Activation Fees

All plans above include 1 free standard pendant. There is a $99 cost for activation & $29.99 for 2-day shipping. On Quarterly billing, customers may received $2 off monthly monitoring & free shipping. With annual billing, customers receive $5 off monthly monitoring, free shipping, and a free lockbox.


The Medical Alert Plus System & Basic System allow up to 8 additional accessories.

The On-The-Go Medical Alert System allows up to 3 accessories included. The one time cost & additional $5/mo on the additional standard pendants are correct.

The Lockbox is *Free* upon annual plans, otherwise, monthly/quarterly the lockbox is $29.99.

Fall Detection

Fall Detection is $24.99 one time & $11/mo. and applies to all additional pendants added.


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ADT is renowned for its home security systems and while they have been in this business for over 100 years, they have only very recently entered the foray of senior health monitoring and safety. Nevertheless, ADT offers a range of products with a solid set of basic features and their pricing for all the 3 systems i.e. Medical Alert Basic System, Medical Alert Plus System and On-The-Go Medical Alert System is also quite reasonable, with Fall detection being available on the higher-tier products for an additional charge.

While ADT’s customer service is something that many users feel is poor and can be improved, ADT is a viable option for users looking for a trusted name offering an affordable medical alert system. ADT offers low per month rates for all 3 product tiers while providing several features offered by their pricier competitors. You also have other benefits such as online discounts, commitment-free plans, etc. Overall, if you are an existing customer of ADT and are extremely happy with their home security service and want to save money, then considering the ADT medical alert system may be a good idea.

Don’t wait. Call now. Have piece of mind and security.

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