Best Medical Alert System for Hearing Impaired

Best Medical Alert System for Hearing Impaired

When people begin to age into their senior years, they may experience many physical side effects; not just the unfortunate knowledge of them growing older. One of these main effects can be hearing loss, sometimes to a point where a hearing aid is needed. But this impairment of the hearing shouldn’t prevent people from not being able to use a medical alert system for their own safety and protection. Fortunately, quite a few medical alert companies address this issue and have features in place to help serve their hearing-impaired clients in the best way possible.

What is the Best Medical Alert System?

The best all-around rated medical alert system could either be the Home Guardian or the Active Guardian from the company Medical Guardian. Either of these two systems could work well for hearing-impaired seniors or non-hearing-impaired seniors. In summary, the Home Guardian is for seniors who are less active and stay at home more often than leave. The base unit has two-way communication with a speaker that can be turned up to a very high volume. Plus, there are lights on the unit that light up to alert a senior if a call has been made and a signal has gone through to alert responders that they need help. Similar to the Home Guardian, the Active Guardian has two-way communication, as well, but through a singular mobile device that also has built-in GPS tracking and WiFi hotspot location capabilities. The Active Guardian is made for seniors who travel outside of the household more often than not. Therefore, depending on whether a client is more or less active, a Home or Active Guardian is the best choice for them even if they are hearing impaired. When searching for a medical alert system for a hearing-impaired senior or any other loved one, the main features you should look for include those similar to what Medical Guardian had on their medical alerts. Those features include a speaker that conveys words loud and clear enough, possible bright lights that can catch the attention of a senior, and that the company clearly states that they have emergency responders at their monitoring services trained to speak to seniors loud and clear enough for them to understand. Many companies should also be able to access their clients’ medical histories and conditions when they get a call. For example, if they get a call from someone who has severe hearing loss or from someone who is fully deaf, the responder will be notified about these conditions and will know to act quickly without trying to start a conversation with the user. Help will either be from paramedics or possibly from neighbors who the client has purposely given the company to contact in case of an emergency. *Make sure that if a person is deaf that they definitely have the feature of bright lights on their medical alert
  • Reminder: If they are deaf, make sure that you, as a caretaker or family member, double-check that the company clearly states that they keep all clients’ medical histories and conditions on file

Which Medical Alert Does AARP Recommend?

AARP doesn’t necessarily sponsor or endorse any medical alert companies or any medical systems, but they do have a list of companies that offer a discount on their products if a client is an AARP member. Some of these companies include Philips Lifeline and Bay Alarm Medical.
Seniors purchasing a hearing system

Final Thoughts

All in all, any medical alert can be a sufficient system for hearing impaired seniors as long as the features mentioned above are in the medical alert plan being purchased. Medical Guardian is the best rated and reviewed medical system by consumers that have all of those features, and is most likely the best company for the hearing-impaired, as well as great for many other seniors, too. What matters most is that the senior/client feels protected from potential medical accidents and is willing to put their safety into the hands of a medical alert company and system.

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