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Comparison of Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

  Winnie Thomas

Comparison of Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

When looking for a medical security alert system, the person in need of that system, and the family members of that certain person would most likely want to be ensured that the company/package they chose is reliable and fits that client’s lifestyle. Whether they stay at home or travel, they deserve to feel protected and covered from any potential emergencies that might occur.

Below is ranked the top 3 medical alert systems according to countless reviews and sources. By going through the details and features of each company’s products and other aspects, people should finally be able to make the right decision for the person they love, even when comparing the best of medical alert systems.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is a very well known medical alert system company that has countless 5-star ratings and reviews on its products and customer service. The main features that their products have vary depending on what plan a customer is using:

Home Guardian

An in-home system with a base station that doesn’t require a landline; has fall detection capabilities and a pendant or wristband option is offered (both are waterproof to allow bathing or showering when wearing). The emergency button and base station also have a range of up to 600 feet in and around the house.

Classic Guardian

Also an in-home system with a waterproof wristband or pendant option, but a landline is required; the system has a 1,300-foot range distance, ensuring that if a client goes outside, the button will still connect to the base station in case of an emergency

Mobile Guardian

This system allows customers to travel outside of their homes as it does have GPS tracking abilities. This plan also includes a built-in speaker into the pendant to allow for two-way communication in an easy-to-carry device in case of an emergency that is not at a client’s home. (Waterproof device, as well.)

Active Guardian

This plan is an all-in-one system that protects inside and outside the home. Just like the Mobile Guardian, a two-way speaker is included in the pendant for easy communication and GPS tracking is activated, as well. The device also has fall detection capabilities, plus a WiFi feature was newly added so the system can function off a WiFi connection or a cellular connection.

Unique Features of Medical Guardian

The details and/or features that are unique about Medical Guardian are its surprisingly wide ranges for the products it produces and its guaranteed price lock. All of the in-home products have ranged from about 600 to 1,300 feet, which is astoundingly far considering these are in-home systems made for supposedly smaller amounts of space. Clients will fortunately never have to worry about straying too far away because they will constantly be under protection. The price lock is also a great special feature in place because it ensures that customers will never have to worry about changing costs that are either higher or lower at unexpected times. Nevertheless, these unique aspects added to Medical Guardian’s company make it much more believable that it is the number one company.

Medical Alert

Medical Alert is overall an excellent company with 4-star and 5-star ratings for its products and amazing deals that its customers love. Similar to Medical Guardian, this company offers different features depending on the plan that a client purchased.

Standard System

This system includes a base unit with a landline and options for either a pendant or wristband emergency button. A 32 hour back up battery is put in place, and the products are waterproof.
Medical Alert Company Review

Cellular Base System

This system has a base unit and no landline is required; the backup battery went up to 36 hours and is also a waterproof system. (wristband or pendant option is still available)
Medical Alert Company Review

Mobile/GPS System

A base unit, a 36 hour back up battery, and a GPS is included in this package; there is no required landline and there is still a wristband or pendant option included. (This system is waterproof)
Medical Alert Company Review

Unique Features of Medical Alert

Medical Alert has a couple added details to their products that make them all the more appealing to their customers. For starters, the fall detection feature can be added to any of the three packages above, allowing customers room to make a more personalized plan for them or their family member. Medical Alert also doesn’t have an activation fee, unlike many medical system companies that do. This makes purchasing the system cheaper, and more likable overall. All in all, Medical Alert is an efficient system that has products that are simple and easy to use for anyone who purchases one or owns a product of theirs already.


MobileHelp is a company known for mostly producing more cellular and GPS technology than the standard medical alert technology that monitors the areas in and around clients’ homes. Their products allow customers the ability to travel more and still be protected, thus, explaining why this company came into one of the top 3 spots.

MobileHelp Classic

This system is their only in-home-set-up with the standard base station and a waterproof emergency button worn on the wrist or around the neck. The range in this system does reach a maximum of 600 feet, also providing sufficient long distant protection in a household.

MobileHelp Solo

The system is linked up to a cellular device with GPS tracking. There is a 350-foot limit between the cellular device and emergency button, so it is recommended to not go too far from your cellular device. (waterproof)

MobileHelp Duo

The two systems listed above are combined if clients can pay the costs. (waterproof)

Unique Features of MobileHelp

For MobileHelp the added features that make this company unique when it’s compared with their competitors may be seen as good and bad aspects. For example, MobileHelp does not offer any landline options, which may be beneficial to those who don’t have a landline but is upsetting for customers who prefer to use their landline for more important tasks such as a medical alert system. Another feature that could be questioned with this company is the fact that the fall detection system for this company is in a separate pendant. The fall detection itself is not built-in unlike many other company’s that have a fall detection feature. Therefore, this could be an aspect that puts MobileHelp in 3rd instead of 2nd or 1st when compared to those other companies and brands.

In closing, all three systems listed above all have options and plans that are extremely similar to each other, such as the in-home or on-the-go systems. The choices of a pendant or wristband are also always offered. The main differences found in these brands are the unique features included from each one, making them all a little bit different in their own way. This is what makes them all special for each family purchasing one of the three, and will hopefully protect and support them in the long run.

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