Apple Watch vs Medical Alert

Apple Watch vs Medical Alert


For many seniors/consumers around the country, a basic medical alert system may not feel like the right decision for them. They may be wondering if something that they already own or are planning to buy could be used as a medical alert system without the extra cost. A cellphone or a smartwatch are the two main items that people are wondering about. Today, we will be looking at a smartwatch and how well it could work to protect you or your loved one from potential medical emergency accidents. Specifically, an Apple Watch’s functionality.


In a simple, short answer, yes, an Apple Watch could be used as a medical alert system because of the features that Apple has made available to costumers of an older age. These features include an Emergency SOS call, the FallCall Lite medical app, and an actual version of an Apple Watch. (Apple Watch Series 4)

Emergency SOS Call

A feature that is in many Apple Watches is an emergency SOS call that can be made directly from the watch itself. It will automatically contact 911 and when the call has finished, the watch will send a text alert with your current location to your emergency contacts (you set these up) if you don’t already cancel it before it gets that far. This feature could technically be used for anybody facing an emergency, not just seniors who are facing an issue.

FallCall Lite Medical Alert App

The FallCall Lite medical alert app is free and can be downloaded by any Apple Watch user. This app works by providing up to five caregivers with your location, (GPS) heart rate information, battery status, pairing, and central monitoring subscription updates. The app also includes automatic fall detection and allows communication with Siri if you are unable to touch or push anything on your watch. If the fall detection is triggered, or you push a button on the app to call for help, the watch will send your call to a monitoring center instead of 911 like the emergency SOS call does. This app works exceptionally well for seniors as it provides all-around protection for its users.


The Apple Watch Series 4 is a version of the Apple Watch that was released in 2018 to the marketing world. The main feature of this Apple Watch that makes it work well for seniors is the fact that there is built-in automatic hard fall detection for the wearers of the watch. The watch senses that you have fallen then waits about a minute to which you have been immobile and then will contact an emergency service immediately. (You can cancel this call if it is a false alarm).

Disadvantages of an Apple Watch that a Medical Alert System May Have Or Doesn’t

The main disadvantages of buying an Apple Watch instead of a basic medical alert mostly have to do with the pricing and the lifestyle of the user of the watch. For example, you must have an iPhone or must purchase an iPhone in order to have an Apple Watch and make it function. Seniors may not have a phone or that specific phone brand and will have to make an expensive purchase to acquire these needs.

Another example of a disadvantage could be that a senior may not leave their home enough where they need a piece of technology that tracks their every move. A basic in-home alert system may work better for them that’s much cheaper and fits their personal lifestyle. Additionally, an Apple Watch has many features that a senior may not use, such as fitness monitoring (some might). This could lead to consumers paying extra for features that they don’t need and could be irritating for them. Once again, a simple GPS medical alert or an in-home one could work better for them.

Overall, an Apple Watch could definitely be considered and used as a good medical alert system for seniors. As long as they download the FallCall Lite app or get the Apple Watch Series 4, seniors should feel secure, and be protected enough to where they can live out their lives safely and happily.

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