How Much Does a Medical Alert System Cost?

How Much Does a Medical Alert System Cost?

How Much Does a Medical Alert System Cost?

When people start aging and getting older, they become more prone to accidents (such as falling down) that result in serious, sometimes fatal, injury. To ensure that seniors have protection from these accidents wherever they go, their family and them may look into purchasing a medical alert system.

Medical Alert

Medical Alert offers three main plans with costs that are on the lower end of the average pricing spectrum. The products are also easy to use and work decently well.

Medical Alert System Name At-Home Landline At-Home No Landline On-The-Go
System Type In-Home Landline Alert At-Home Cellular Alert Cellular Mobile Alert
Monthly Cost $22.95 per month $32.95 per month $37.95 per month
Semi-Annual Cost $19.95 per month $29.95 per month $34.95 per month
Annual Cost $18.29 per month $27.45 per month $32.04 per month
This company has no activation fee and no charge for the equipment, which makes these prices final unless customers want to add the Fall Detection feature to any of the plans above for an extra $10 per month.
Medical Alert Company Review
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One Call Alert offers a total of five plans that are all priced on average compared to the average range for a medical alert system. Unlike Medical Alert, this plan only receives payments in a monthly format.
OneCallAlert System NameIn-Home LandlineIn-Home WirelessMobile On-The-GoMobile DoubleComplete Protection
System TypeAt-Home Landline AlertAt-Home Cellular AlertCellular Mobile AlertAt-Home & Mobile Cellular AlertAt-Home & Mobile Cellular Alert
Monthly Cost$24.95 per month$19.95 per month$37.95 per month$44.95 per month$41.95 per month
This company also has no activation fee and no equipment cost on most of its plans and also has the option to add a Fall Alert Pendant for an extra $10 per month.

Overall, the prices greatly correlate with what company, plan, and add-ons that a customer purchases. Whether the prices are expensive or cheap, what matters the most is that the person being cared for feels protected and secure under that company’s care.

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