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Medical Alert Systems Sold at Walmart

  Winnie Thomas

Medical Alert Systems Sold at Walmart

Walmart is a very well-known store where consumers can buy groceries, clothing, household items, furniture, and even some medical alert systems. Walmart having medical alerts available could be extremely beneficial for low-income families and their loved ones since the majority of Walmart’s products are sold at a relatively cheaper price that most people can afford. This being said, the most popular brands that Walmart has available to consumers include products from Philips Lifeline, Medical Guardian, MobileHelp, Freedom Alert, and even some systems that are not monitored by any company, nor they require a subscription to use.

Can You Buy Life Alert at Walmart?

Products specifically from the Life Alert company are not sold at Walmart at this moment in time. But some products that Walmart offers from the companies listed above include the HomeSafe Standard system with and without AutoAlert (fall detection) provided by Philips Lifeline, the Active Guardian and the Freedom Guardian provided by Medical Guardian, the Classic MobileHelp home system, and the standard at-home Freedom Alert system. Additionally, there are medical alert systems offered at Walmart that don’t need a monitoring service or subscription to operate, making them much cheaper than the monitored ones. These systems, instead, would work by being connected to 911 or set to a personalized number to call a loved one in case of an emergency.

What is the Best Medical Alert System?

The best medical alert system for seniors or for anybody who may need one can be bought from Walmart or from the actual provider of the system. The Active Guardian is one of the best medical alert systems that could be given to almost anyone. This system includes a single mobile base unit that has GPS and WiFi tracking abilities to find the location of an injured person. The mobile device also has a built-in speaker for two-way communication with anyone who pushes the emergency button or triggers the fall detection in the device that the consumer (hopefully) originally added with an extra fee. This device can be worn on a pendant or a belt clip and must be charged regularly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Walmart offers some pretty decent medical alert systems of all kinds, and from so many different companies. If a loved one is in need of a medical alert system, and browsing company websites isn’t what you had in mind when looking for an alert system, then Walmart might be a good choice of where to start.

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