Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

Medical Alert Systems for Veterans
When a veteran grows older and decides to come home, the physical and mental effects of being in the military unfortunately can take a toll on their mind and body. To make sure that they feel secure and safe from potential medical accidents, that veteran may want to purchase/receive a medical alert system. Being a veteran in the medical alert system industry is beneficial when it comes to the price. Medical alerts can be provided to them for a cheaper price or can be given to them for free. Depending on where the system is coming from, will depend on the pricing.

Does the VA Pay for Medical Alert Systems?

The VA does provide free access to a couple of medical alert systems; these systems are LiveLife Mobile Alarm and MedEquip Alert.

LiveLife Mobile Alarm’s VA Funded Medical Alert System

This system is not like a usual medical alert system where there is a monitoring service that is paid to keep watch over the household. Instead, when the emergency button is pushed, the system texts five contacts your GPS location, then it also calls those five contacts after it texts them (these contacts can be personally set up with people you trust). Whatever contact picks up first will be linked to your button that has built-in two-way communication where you can talk with them. The device also has automatic fall detection with no extra charge.

MedEquip Alert’s VA Funded Medical Alert System

Unlike LiveLife Mobile Alarm, this system is linked to a professional monitoring service. It comes with an emergency help button with built-in two-way communication and GPS tracking technology.

Are there any medical alert systems covered by medicare?

No, Original Medicare does not cover any medical alert systems. But, some Medicare insurance providers may offer a discount on a medical alert system. It is always good to call your insurance company to check.

What is the Best Medical Alert System for Seniors?

Two great medical alert systems for seniors include the Active Guardian from Medical Guardian and the GPS/Mobile System from Bay Alarm Medical. These systems and companies have excellent ratings in equipment, service, and prices by consumers all over, and are an overall exceptional choice for a medical alert. Key features that both of these systems have include automatic fall detection, two-way voice communication, waterproof equipment, and GPS tracking. These features are essential for veterans in their medical alert plan because they provide the most all-around protection. Additionally, Bay Alarm Medical offers discounts to veterans and allows them to purchase a medical alert system for a cheaper price. Therefore, the Active Guardian and the GPS/Mobile System are both excellent options for a medical system.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the medical alert industry offers quite a few deals, discounts, and other benefits to veterans. As they are more susceptible to a medical accident from physical or mental side effects from serving, it is always great to purchase or get a free medical alert from somewhere to ensure that they feel safe, and so their loved ones can have peace of mind over their veteran family member.
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